TYGE club gear orders – CUT OFF Tuesday 31 May 2022



CUT-OFF for submitting orders has been extended to 09h00 on TUESDAY 31 MAY 2022


Please see the updated TYGE club gear order sheet for MAY 2022: Tygers Order sheet – May 2022


Orders will only be placed 4 times per season, so please don’t miss this opportunity to order. 

The next club gear order will only be end of August.


For Level 3, Junior National and Senior National swimmers, we recommend swimmers purchasing:

  • all 3 different colour tshirts – we like to wear a different colour each day for galas swum over multiple days

For Level 2 swimmers, we recommend purchasing:

  • the orange tshirt  AND either the navy OR the white tshirt

For Level 1 swimmers and beginners, we recommend purchasing:

  • the orange tshirt


Swimmers participating in SA Champs, WCA Champs and CTA Champs should also consider purchasing:

  • navy blue hoodie
  • grey swagg pants


Additional extra items:

  • parka
  • towel



  • white golf shirt


To place your orders:

  1.  complete the order sheet and email it to clubgear@brandme.za.com
  2.  you will receive a sales order when your order is processed, this confirms receipt of order
  3.  you will receive an invoice once your order is ready – you may then collect or the order will be delivered to the club on an arranged date
  4.  all swimmers items are available for fittings at 2 Kariga Street, Stikland, Bellville