TYGE club gear orders – due 28 May 2021

To place orders for Tygerberg Aquatics Swimming Club club gear:

  1. complete the order form – Tygers Order Sheet Mar 2021
  2. email the order form to – clubgear@brandme.za.com 
  3. once stock has been confirmed, Brandme will forward an invoice for payment directly to them
  4. forward proof of payment to Brandme

To receive orders mid-June, please place orders by 28 May 2021

– for fittings and queries, please contact RIANA at Brandme: 021 945 3052 /3024 / 3477


CAPS: personalized Tygerberg Aquatics Swimming Club cap orders will be placed soon – in the meantime, plain Tygerberg Aquatics Swimming Club caps are available at R65 each from the coaches at training.  Payments should be made to the club FNB cheque account, 50251165103 and proof of payment sent to admin@tygerbergaquatics.com


SOX: Tygerberg Aquatics Swimming Club sox are available at R100 each (sizes 4-7 & sizes 8-11) – orders and proof of payment should be emailed to admin@tygerbergaquatics.com